financial planning

Decisions with higher visibility and greater confidence

Riskturn is a web application for financial planning able to integrate uncertainties and measure their impact on economics.

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Budgeting & Financial Planning

Build a sound financial plan. Include uncertanties in your model to have an overview of what could happen in the future. In this way, you can allocate resources more efficiently.

Investment EValuation

By comparing scenario information, you can take more informed decision and monitor your assets with more visibility

Strategic Portfolio management

Analyze different scenarios for your portfolio. Make informed decisions on operations and investments that are based on your scenario analysis.

Cloud Monte Carlo simulation

The Monte Carlo simulation is able to compute thousands of scenarios. Simulation parameters are configurable and adapt to your financial model.

Merger & Acquisitions RISK

Calculate the unlevered discounted cash flow with a risk-based approach and evalutate a company with a data-based, quantitative approach

Enterprise Risk Management

Keep an eye on KPIs. Analyze risks for short, medium, and long term. You can also consolidate them to gain further insights into ERM.


Versatile Financial Modelling

Riskturn lets you build up your financial model from A to Z. You have total control on every aspect of variables, risks, calculations.

Risk Awareness

Add uncertainty variables to your plan and fully decide how to model them. Learn about their impact on your financial plan with a sensitivity analysis and be aware of what the obstacles for your plan may be.

Decision-making facilitation

Sometimes a quantitative approach is way better than gut feeling. Riskturn lets you compare different scenarios and help you identify which factors impact your financial plan.


Data robustness and auditability

Riskturn stores your data safely and they can be audited at any moment. Confidentiality is guaranteed by top-level cloud providers.

Enhanced Collaboration

Riskturn is suited for structured teamwork. Assumptions and results can be shared according to different user profiles.

State-of-the-art technology

Riskturn relies on an advanced calculation engine with Monte Carlo simuations. The tech stack allows for full scalibiltiy of the solution.

Quotes from clients

Great tool: simple and efficient!

We used the free trial version to estimate our business development(logistic and travel company) and we are now looking forward to buy the enterprise version. With this tool we can select the best opportunity to match our business target.

Tania G.
Sales Manager
Logistics and Supply Chain

User friendly and relevant

We've just experienced RISKTURN on some investment projects in real estate. We appreciate the design of the service and the quality of the provided information. This really innovative product brings us a lot compared to solutions available till now.

Guillaume H.
Business Development

Must have app for forecasting and budgeting

This app helps me a lot in probabilistic forecasting of cash flows for my clients. It takes all sorts of risks into consideration before projecting. A must have application for those whose business revolves around project financing.

Ayushi M.
Economic Dept.

Great, simple yet comprehensive tool for business planning

I am the founder and CEO of a start-up facing changes in business plan and assumptions as market and products evolve. RISKTURN was very useful to make our business plan, evaluate our risks and convince our shareholders on their risk exposure and potential ROI.

Charles L.
Start-up in Consumer Goods Industry

Ideal for Experienced Trade finance bankers

In the past you had a range of parameters, and one was able to evaluate how different parameters evolved, but were not able to put them together. Now with RiskTurn, you can actually sum up all your risks and see how one element moving will impact the other variables and how it will impact your overall success rate with each project. And you can compare them too.

Tancrede C.