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Riskturn is a web application for strategic portfolio planning, enterprise risk management, and structured finance, boosted by a Monte Carlo Simulation. Evolve without disrupting your approach.

A journey down many paths:

You can start with a what-if analysis and boost it with Riskturn's
Monte Carlo Engine later on

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Strategic Planning

Enhance your decision-making by forecasting the impact on financials and ESG risks of your investments, R&D, M&A, and decarbonization


Enterprise Risk management

Analyze your corporate risks quantitavely. Riskturn comes with a different statistical distributions to model any risk (costs, portfolio, etc.)


Structured Finance

Predict your portfolio performance with Monte Carlo simulations. Estimate your investments and the associated risks


" I have seen many unanswered questions during investment or strategic committees, due to a lack of time in
investigating different likely scenarios. Riskturn does exactly that: it provides an intuitive and powerful solution
to compute all relevant scenarios to allow decision makers to deal with the best level of information."
Jean CEO, co-founder



Enhanced Collaboration

Riskturn projects can be shared across a team with different roles and entitlements


Data robustness and auditability

Riskturn stores your data safely in your dedicated environment. Data audit is easy and available at any moment.


Versatile Financial Modelling

Riskturn lets you build up your financial model with little costraints. You have total control on every aspect of your evaulation.


95% Saved Time

Add variables to your plan for uncertainties. Learn about their impact on your financial plan with a sensitivity analysis. Be aware of all risks.

Riskturn for Energy Transition

ESG risks and energy transition are crucial challenges for business over the next decades. This is why it is crucial to empower decision-makers with increased visibility over carbon emissions, water consumption, and natural capital metrics. Moreover, the fast-paced change of the regulation framework makes it imperative to include taxes on emissions (carbon tax) and the cost of emission rights a must-have in any business’ financial models. Riskturn helps clients with quantitative assessment of ESG risks and impacts on the natural capital. Additionally, it is possible to evaluate the impact of financials of extra CapEx that result from decarbonization investments and compare them with the impact on emission taxes if those investments are not pursued. With everything included, decision-makers can better strategize the business’ decarbonization strategy over the next decades.

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Riskturn for Portfolio Management

Portfolio Managers face two main challenges: evaluate the return on investment of all assets and the overall risk exposure. Riskturn has been selected by different funds as:

  • It is user-friendly and fully configurable. This means that any kind of financial and risk models can be migrated to the solution

  • Portfolio analyses are comprehensive of all risks and complete. There is no limitation to the structure of your portfolio

  • Dramatic decrease in the time needed to build your model

  • Monte Carlo simulations are accessible and easy to launch

  • Multiple features for strategic planning are included (global scenarios, evaluation, benchmarks)

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Riskturn for Investment Evaluation

Investment Evaluation is key to companies that plan to expand their business. Riskturn integrates all the uncertainties that come with R&D costs, certifications, construction delays, market variations, price volatility and many more. Moreover, Riskturn is structured for teamwork so that each working group can directly enter their numbers and risks on the platform. The resulting model is key to defining the most efficient contract strategy, according to the expected level of confidence.

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