Energy Transition Forecasts

Navigating the complexities of the energy transition is a critical concern for businesses today. Understanding your energy-sourcing decisions and transition plans allows decision-makers to strategize for a sustainable future. At its most basic level, an energy transition forecast, facilitated by Riskturn, can provide insights into whether you'll have a surplus of renewable energy or a deficit at any given moment.

Energy Transition Forecasts are typically used for the following purposes:

  • Informing Policy Making: Energy Transition Forecast projections guide governments and regulatory bodies in designing energy policies, identifying gaps, predicting environmental impacts, and meeting sustainability targets like the Paris Agreement.

  • Guiding Investment Decisions: Investors, corporations, and energy companies rely on forecasts to make strategic decisions, invest in emerging technologies, infrastructure, and training, and assess the economic viability of different energy sources.

  • Risk Mitigation: Energy Transition Forecast projections help businesses plan to lessen reliance on fossil fuels, reducing exposure to volatile energy markets and supply disruptions. This can stabilize operational costs and enhance business resilience.

  • Long-term Financial Savings: Despite initial investments, transitioning to renewable energy can bring significant long-term savings. Projections illuminate the potential for lower operational costs with renewables and energy efficiency measures, leading to enduring financial benefits.

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